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Sunday, October 4, 2009

hall life (1)

it's almost 2 months since i started school at NTU, NBS.

projects abundant, not like i didn't get enough during poly days..
really stressed out a few weeks back.

but i'll be blogging about hall this time round :D

you meet all kinds of people in hall:
super nice seniors who are always there to lend a helping hand --
my GLs and Bagos - for laughter, support and everything;
JF - for comfort, jam, raisin chocos and guitar (i really like guitars. sigh..)
JJ - textbooks! haven't return money to him.
S - for chips, comfort and jokes. hehe.
and many more..

can't emphasise more how nice they are.
either i always meet bad people or they are really nice..

then there are many scandals HAHAHA. spices up the otherwise monotonous life.

however there is one thing that i haven't gotten used to, and that is the "homesickness".

how should i describe it?

i used to talk to my sister before sleeping,
dine with my mum regularly (foodies :D),
randomly shout "JUST SHUT UP" to my brother,
sit down and watch tv with my grandma,
listen to my dad's rambles..

now i only go home on weekends.

and when i am home, either i am busy running errands i can't complete because i'm in school,
or i am catching up some sleep.

or i can be catching up sleep elsewhere.

i'm sorry :(

but i know my family are concerned about me staying outside although they do not express it exactly well..

my dad silently stocks up my "room pantry" by buying lots of tidbits, always reminding me to eat properly, taxi fares back to hall, passing my extra money..
which he never did previously;

my mum calls me almost every night to talk to me, meets me for lunch;

grandma stuffs me with food once i get home;

brother always as helpful to help me with anything and everything and i am very grateful that he drives me back to hall almost every sunday;

sister talks to me on msn/skype/fb, we share laughter and sorrow like before;

i seldom blog about family, but i think they are worth a mention this time,

by being away i appreciate them more..

so i'm going to put extra effort to stay close;

study hard;
(Nintendo project)

and also play hard :)

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