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Thursday, April 9, 2009


Everyone has caught on the craze, have you?

Hope it won't become another Giordano or Baleno..


Qubicfactor said...

I am trying to see if they stock yukatas lol. They normally do in their overseas branches.

ps: I emailed their UK branch more than a year ago asking them to consider coming over to Singapore. They didn't reply, but I guess they finally did ^^

maruko said...

that will be cool :)
but i didn't see any in Japan's outlets...

haha you really love Uniqlo eh?
I'm glad they 'listened' to your suggestions!

Qubicfactor said...

It's seasonal, that's why lol

Sets (Yukata + obi) are normally in the Y3999 range in Uniqlo Japan, though I dunno how much if they were to sell here...

maruko said...

Hmm I was in Japan from Aug-Sep..

But I'll probably be working at Natsu Matsuri instead of enjoying my time there.. so I don't need one ^^