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Monday, April 27, 2009

the 13th World Gourmet Summit 2009

20 April 2009

Venue: Grand Copthorne Singapore
Time: 0930

Event: The 13th World Gourmet Summit (WGS)

The World Gourmet Summit (WGS) is an international gastronomic extravaganza jointly organised by Peter Knipp Holdings Pte Ltd (PKH) and the Singapore Tourism Board (STB).

An annual epicurean festival that showcases the intricate craftsmanship of prestigious chefs, it is also an exposition of the internationally acclaimed wineries. Encompassing a series of dazzling events such as vintner dinners, celebrity dinners and masterclasses, the World Gourmet Summit is a gastronomic spectacular specially crafted for discerning individuals who appreciate fine cuisine, great wines and unique dining experiences.

Agenda: Attend Press Conference.
Darryl David as emcee. He's good!

Well, wouldn't say it was fun (it shouldn't be fun anyway right?? Press Conferences) but it was a great experience overall, the event itself, and of course the suave angmoh chefs. Cuisine is becoming a show business.

Thanks to Lesley that I got to attend this event ^^

And thanks to Danny (Lim)!

Yummy food at reception.

Goat Cheese. Hmm acquired taste.
I prefer the Siew Mai with ikura. YUM~

I helped my friend translate a piece of email interview for my friend who was working for this event (I'm not professional, I just tried my best!!). No pay... maybe dinner :)

I don't even know where my interview translations are going to appear... LOL

Introducing the Chef 'lost in translation'

Masayasu Yonemura

Lunch@Club Chinois - $68++
Dinner - $128++

Some reviews:

Fully booked on the days we wanted to go T.T
あぁあー 米村さんの料理はシンガポールで食べれらるなんてよかったのに・・・

Most expensive dinner by three-star Iconic Chef Heinz Beck is $628! @.@

He looks like a nice guy :)

Speaking about Michelin and the stars...
Why is a Tyre company giving stars (Oh btw they are not stars, Mr Peter Knipp says they are rosettes, and Darryl David said they look more like asterisks.. PK: Yeah, oversized asterisks LOL) to restaurants? They are businesses of different natures, aren't they?


André Michelin published the first edition of a guide to France to help drivers maintain their cars, find decent lodging, and eat well while touring. It included addresses of gasoline distributors, garages, tire stockists, and information on fuel prices, changing tires and repairing the cars of the day.

The guide was distributed free from 1900 until 1920. The Michelin brothers introduced the charge after a pile of guides was found propping up a workbench in a garage. A free book would not be taken seriously. The guide introduced the star in 1926 to note good cooking; two and three stars were added in the early 1930s. The cover of the guide was originally blue, but since 1931 has been red.

As motoring became more widespread, the star system was developed and guides to other countries introduced. Today a series of twelve guides list more than 45,000 hotels and restaurants across Europe, and the guide to France has sold 30 million copies since it was introduced. There are now Red Guides covering France, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium/Luxembourg, Italy, Germany, Spain/Portugal, Switzerland, and the UK/Ireland. The guide covering France is still by far the most thorough. There is also a Red Guide covering the "Main Cities of Europe". The first guides for cities outside of Europe were published in 2005 for New York City and 2006 for San Francisco.

Guides for Tokyo, Los Angeles and Las Vegas have been released since November 2007. In guides released in November 2008, Tokyo was awarded a total of 227 stars – 9 restaurants were given three stars, 36 two stars, and 128 one star. This is more than three times New York City's total, and more than twice as many as Paris's total. [1](It should be noted, however, that Tokyo is home to 160,000 restaurants, versus New York's 25,000 and Paris's 13,000.[2])

WGS 2009 is from 19April~2May.
Check out the chefs and the restaurants if you are interested ;)

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