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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yogi Bear

Okay, as promised I'll blog about my friend MEGA YOGI PERWIRA today.

He's hell of a funny guy, loves cooking, and drives damn fast (180km/h go!!). I would love to give anything to sit in his car again and eat some cat's brains (not real ones -.-").

He can't read Chinese, but it's ok I can translate for him and in turn he teaches me some weird Indonesian (he's Indonesian-Chinese) and threatens to send my audio file (ahem) and photos to his friends for laughs. (ok maybe he was just joking. lol)
So exactly how funny is he?

At Suntec Convention Centre, school trip.

Here goes our perfect picture with the course manager.

He's a big bully.
Other photos are too controversial to be blogged. HAHA.

Serious moment.

He looks like the bully in Doraemon.

See, I told you he's evil!!

With a teacher -.-

With another teacher!

We really loved the curry... at Dempsey


Bollywood in the making. This was in class.

What should I say..

One of his best moments - top student in Culinary class

Yes, I'd rather be watching tv too.

Yogi, are you reading this?
I hope you get into CIA soon and become a great chef someday!
Don't forget me when you do :)

I miss your pokes...

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