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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Chie's music performance

20150816 today I met Daichi for lunch at Shinjuku as he is leaving for studies. The relationship between him and me is very funny because we were online friends, and usually online friends don’t end up meeting, but we met 4 times within these 2 months! It’s nice that the virtual relationship blossomed to real friendship, he is quite a nice guy. Had spicy miso ramen at santouka (which to me, is not spicy at all but it’s quite nice), chat at cafe and we parted ways.
Left to get flowers for Chie for her live performance at Shinjuku, at a music bar called “you can’t believe anything other than rock and roll”. Many performers came together for this overnight 27-hour festival, mostly guitar performances. I really enjoyed some, especially the imitation Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi and the performance by 店長, their performances had soul in them…

And I discovered a drink called Cassis Oolong. Basically cassis and oolong tea. I’m not sure if it has alcohol but it’s so nice!! 口に合わせる^^!!!
The night ended with a stupid incident of a bloody ojiisan trying to take advantage of me -_- he was one of the performers and he chatted with me at the bar, I alr felt weird cos he was drunk and he kept touching me. As I was feeling uncomfortable I wanted to leave, he said he will send me to the station. The moment we left, his hands got offensive… On my shoulders and he tried to hold my hands… I told him we just met for the first time, it is not appropriate. After a while he gave up. How to trust people like that… All I wanted was to chat with musicians … :(
I felt angry with him and also at myself and my inability to react accordingly. Next time I should just be very very fierce and assertive. YAMETE KUDASAI.
:( :( :(

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