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Friday, August 14, 2015

A visit to Saitama

Alisa came to Tokyo with her husband and I arranged to meet her in Saitama :) I love Alisa! She is so nice.

It's about an hour's train ride to where I was heading to, from Ikebukuro. I took longer than expected because I was lost at Ikebukuro :( 

Met Alisa at the Starbucks at 本川越駅 Hon Kawagoe station. I was so distracted by the department store's sale....

She only had limited days in Japan so it was a meet-up + a day for her to grab all the shopping she need. 

The amazing shopping street クレアモール川越新富町商店街 at Kawagoe!! Hidden gem!! It's just 5 mins away from the station and it's situated between Hoe Kawagoe station and Kawagoe station. 

I bought so much stuff here.. and also because there was summer sale I went C~R~A~Z~Y! 

We had lunch at Hidakaya 日高屋 which is one of my favourite Chinese restaurants in Japan! It's a chain but the food is good. I love the fried rice the most (with lots of SB black pepper!!!) but today I tried a different dish.. (they actually gave me a dish that looked different, but oh well..)

After that Yori went home and we went to shop and shop and shop.. from lifestyle goods to clothes to supermarket. I'm so happy I found an interesting place near Tokyo :) and it's not that crowded..(then again it's a weekday..)

Some commotion at the Ikebukuro station. It's the Rinjiressha! 臨時列車
These trains are used for specific purposes with a fixed train schedule. For example, it was used to transport students for university entrance exams, and sports competitions from one prefecture to another. But now it's much more rare. 

(Will read the article in detail and translate when I have the time!!)

I will come back again with Alisa's recommendation to visit the 川越一番街商店街 in Kawagoe! 

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