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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

sick in japan #2

20150819 so I went back to the same chuka eatery because I saw someone eating this in the afternoon and I wanted to eat it! It tasted as nice as it looks :)) I cleared the whole plate. And all the rice. Except for the soup. Because soup in Japan’s chukaryori tastes weird. Haha! And uncle finally asked me about Sandra and Tama chan, if they are from America. And he knew I wasn’t local. Uncle eyes very good …
I ate and watched tv with japanese uncle before 2 more customers came in just prior to shop closing. That lone Japanese in the pic looks so sad and lonely. He didn’t speak to uncle at all. All of us more or less small chat with him…
Went around the neighbourhood and picked up a very sweet Nashi and a box of kiwi. After going home I fell asleep after a shower. Still not feeling too good. Might go to the hospital again later.

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