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Monday, August 17, 2015

a little bit of SG in Japan #3

20150817 thanks to Dan, a fellow Singaporean I met on the hiking trip, I had fun on Monday. We met at Ikebukuro for sushi and went to at least 3 game centres!! He knew I wanted to learn how to play the UFO catcher so he taught me.. But mainly it was caught by Dan! I got the alpaca with 300yen. Very happy :D Dan had a couple of good ones too, the stitch pair with 500yen etc.. Not that I need all these but cheap thrill :D maybe we spent about 5000-6000 yen?
I met him again the next day again because he left some stuff in my bag which he helped his SG friends to buy.. He was going to stopover SG on his way to NZ for holiday. Unfortunately I was feeling unwell and had to trouble him. Lucky he knew some clinics so he let me know where and in my dizziness I managed to reach there. I hoped for doctors who can understand english but unfortunately I walked into one that didn’t so amidst my kurakura feelings I had to do it in japanese. Not so bad, I survived !!!!
Most importantly he lent me money for medicine and dinner. They don’t accept cards so I only had enough cash for consultation. When you are sick you don’t really think about figuring out where you can find an atm and to try to withdraw money.
After that we visited his office, just right above the clinic. its called Regus, with a common reception, lounge, and rooms you can rent on monthly basis to work in. a small room costs 2000 dollars!
we went to a nice mexican place to have dinner, at Shinagawa station. Nice ambience but I was still feeling giddy and all.. ( so apologetic towards Dan, i’ll treat him when he is back!!)
Thanks a million to Dan. 在家靠家人 出外靠新加坡人!謝謝!

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