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Sunday, November 14, 2010

the awesome friends

Three days ago, I received a call from Meili, her tone was solemn as she conveyed the message to me. Ericia has been admitted into the hospital for liver failure and she was to be operated on Saturday 13/11/10. Her chance of survival was 30%. I was shocked and lost for words. I haven't been meeting up with the polyforum peeps since 3 years ago, and to receive such news... how could such thing have happened to Ericia? She is pretty, sociable, capable.. We were to wait for news for Pengfei, who was in contact with Ericia's brother..

Saturday came, and after my resume photoshoot, I met Meili and Pengfei and we cabbed down to.... Sentosa where Tim was and he will drive us over all together. I was wondering, why couldn't we go straight to the hospital? And besides, they told me the operation was at 8pm but it was already 8pm by the time Pengfei came to fetch us.. but in any case we followed Pengfei to meet Tim. We got up the escalator towards USS and when we reached the ground level, I heard a Birthday song and a brightly lit birthday cake! SO, it was a birthday celebration for Meili and I!

Ericia was well alive, laughing.. saying "I'm supposed to be dead by now". Our whole Polyforum gang (plus Junyi, Calvin, Ruby) was there.. Meili and I looked at each other in surprise and the next moment we were attacking Pengfei. Seriously, I was so worried for Ericia! But then again, I was so gullible. How could Ericia be playing Farm games on FB when she was hospitalised? Lots of loopholes and they revealed all their tricks and stories.. what an interesting surprise!!

We then went to Chili's and had our dinner where we talked about old stories..
Calvin's gonna join PAP right? lol

Tim drove so we had a second session at Robinson's Quay TCC. We talked and talked about other stuff.. White Peach Yogurt Drink was good!! Tim's treat :p Left at 1am and Tim drove ALL of us back.. Toa Payoh>Yishun>Jurong>Kovan>Balestier.. isn't that crazy!! we were all so confused with the expressways.. changing here and there... he's awesome!!

you know, it's kind of amazing how much we can still relate when I have been missing out so much on their lives, and them, on mine. the 3 days cruise in 2007 has interestingly bonded us together until now, and I'm grateful for this friendship. countdown to MBS outing!

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