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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Tsukuba Mountain hiking

20150809 happy SG50 Singapore! Not wanting to spend such an important day today, I went hiking ^^ I met great people today, really. Also met my first two Singaporeans in Japan ! (who are not in Waseda and not senpai Alan) 

The climb to 女体山 was more difficult that I expected :( From Tokyo, I took the Tsukuba express to Ibaraki prefecture to hike on Mount Tsukuba. The first part of the climb was all stone stairs, so it was really really difficult for me. In my mind all different vulgar words appeared. haha! why did I even thought of hiking :( It took so much effort and determination, really. Lucky Nemoto san and Maiko san were there to encourage and help. There were so many times I wanted to give up, took so many rest stops, but the people coming down kept me going. And in my mind, I told myself, this is a challenge I took up and I shouldn’t just give up like that. And I decided to hike to keep myself busy. I can’t give up. 

Nemoto san!!!!

The top part of the mountain was easier cos it was big rocks and it is actually to me, easier to climb. I did fall down slightly, not a serious injury though. Taiki kun and Hisashi san were very nice they waited for us half way. Just kept on climbing and climbing until I reached the top!!! the view was spectacular…

 I spoke to an ojiisan who had his dog with him, the dog is 14 years old!! (dog 80 years old) and she climbed together with the ojiisan. Sugoi deshou?!

Got a omikuji at the shrine at the top of the mountain

After that we went down to the cable car level and had lunch. 
My bento ^_^ yes it is edible haha. Then we embarked on another short hike to the 男体山 which Hisashi san and Maiko san didn’t come along. Luckily the hike was short if not it would have been difficult for me too!!!

Next on! 男体山!!!

On the train back Maiko san says I stay in the most dangerous place in Tokyo T.T I’m so shocked for words…. I don’t wanna die in a foreign land!!! I promise not to go home late again. LOL and Nemoto san re-confirmed that Adachi-ku is never a place that he would never go. WTF. What should I do? :(
Went down via cable car and had dinner with the Singaporeans and Japanese people. Spoke so much and ate good Yakitori :D


YAY! I’m a happy kid today :)

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