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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Tokyo Bay Summer Fireworks 2015

8 Aug 2015

Today was an international meet-up because we have people from all over the world coming together to watch fireworks :) I think it's one of the best places to watch fireworks in Tokyo because of the bay view. But it is also crazily crowded. LIKE CRAZY.

We met about 4-5pm? And there was some waiting here and there because of large number of people.

Playing with Kimi's amazing camera! (Later I found out the price is also quite amazing! haha)

Doan from France, Shin and Daichi from Japan, Tamara from Germany, Kimi from Taiwan/Hsinchu, Boyon from South Korea/Wonju and me from Singapore :D

When we reached Shimbashi, oh wow, the sudden mass of people getting on Yurikamome train to Odaiba... we had to keep close to avoid getting lost.

While waiting~ Boyon and me

We made our way to Odaiba Marine Park, thanks to some research done by Shin san. This was my 3rd fireworks festival in Tokyo but I was still very looking forward to it! And it was a good meet-up for us girls to chat =)

We couldn't find a place when we reached there at about 5pm because apparently the Japanese people "reserve" space with plastic sheets. So almost every inch of the grounds was taken. We were a group of 8 and it took us at least 45 mins of choosing and giving up spaces to finally find a space that was enough for us. And that was considering we have no idea where exactly the fireworks would be appearing at.. 

During the wait time, Shin san, Boyon and me went to the convenience store to get some food. The only convenience store was near to the entrance of the park and it was filled with people! We had to queue to get in so as to avoid overcrowding. I just wanted a Popsicle :( The inside of the store was also taped up such that the direction of movement is only one way, "grab and go" instead of going to and fro. Well good system さすが日本人! 

We got our watermelon Popsicles! Yay!

While walking back to our camped space, the fireworks started! That was when our nightmare started !! Because people started to stop to watch the fireworks and many people couldn't pass through. The passageways started to jam up.. I guess nothing rules over fireworks at this time, not even Japanese manners :\ It got so bad at one point a Japanese started to say, "We are here all to enjoy this fireworks, not to suffer, please cooperate and move on...." We had to squeeze through so badly through the crowd I though my toenail was going to fall off after being stepped on.

Back at our reserved space, we were ecstatic to find out that our view was not obstructed in any way!! Yay! Full glory of awesome fireworks =)

After the fireworks, we continued to chat at our spot before walking to another station to take the train home. Not much of a crowd but we were very tired. But a good outing with these wonderful pals ;)


with Daichi

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