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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Shin bistro with Daichi

20150730 I was not feeling well and only got up at 3pm. One of those usual days for me that I can never get used to :( 

dinner at a place I really wanted to go, with Daichi. I’m sorry I always don’t reply his msgs.. And he tells that straight to me but still forgives me :P he’s really a nice friend with a foreigner viewpoint so it’s easy to talk to him.
The place is called Shin bistro at Meguro. It’s packed even at 6plus. I thought japanese do OT?! Its concept is actually standing bar.. Not that anyone mind standing because the food is good. I wonder if in Singapore would people want to stand ?! It’s very space saving this way.
Then later Daichi was still hungry :/ 
So we made our way to Shibuya to the beef tongue chain store called Negishi. Pretty good and not expensive. The rice is mixed with barley grains and eaten with tororo. Yummy. But I was so full… Can’t wait for our international firework festival haha!!

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