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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Zushi Beach

20150726 beach with Alan and Dani :) it was again a super impromptu trip with Alan telling me the night before, and the location on the day itself. it was about 2 hrs away and I was reluctant to go because he was going with some pretty sexy Japanese ladies too…and I am really quite a typical Singaporean when it comes to dressing for the beach. but i decided to just hack care and go. No one else is going to ask me to go beach in Japan anyway. LOL.

met Alan at Zushi station, initially Kamakura, the popular beach destination near Tokyo. Dani joined us and i adore her!!!! she is such a nice person. apparently the rest backed out LOL but we had fun!!!! it was hot and I sprayed so much sunblock hahahahah. we ate Alan’s bday cake at the beach and just talked and drank… then we went for a walk but Alan fell asleep at the beach! lol

the sunset... love it

Dani decided to contact her mum’s friends who took care of her, they stay in Kamakura. And Alan too spontaneously contacted his friend Keita, an instructor he met while snow sledging in Hokkaido. Keita arrived while we were playing volleyball, he joined and we took many pretty pictures. and he pointed out Fuji san to us!!! :D (LEFT OF THE PIC BELOW)


Happy, funny dinner gathering at a restaurant with nice view but the food sucked. hahahaha. yappari companion is the most important! we HTHT on the train back…. most real I have ever felt in Japan. Friends are so important :)

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