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Saturday, July 25, 2015

隅田川花火大会 Sumidagawa Firework festival

.20150725 sometimes life brings you to places you don’t expect. My senior from university, Alan, invited me to go for a fireworks festival on Sat evening. So grateful for a bit of Singaporean in foreign Japan. Alan has been working in Toshiba for 3-4 years. I wasn’t planning to wear a yukata because it’s 1)expensive, for a night only 2)no one was wearing with me 3)too hot?! .. but Alan said his friend was buying it too at the mall we were supposed to meet so I thought I would do it too.. 

I reached there first so I went to choose mine. So many pretty ones but I managed to find a good one that was not so cheap. The staff who did the fitting for me brought over a obi (the belt) that cost 7900 yen ($80~) and I asked her for a cheaper one. She told me the cheapest is 5900yen so I thought well, not much of a difference until she brought it over and I realised it’s 5900 yen before 50% discount. YAY. So in the end, with the koshi himo (ties), it cost a little less than 10000yen… expensive X( 
When I made my final decision and asked them if they can wear it for me, they said no!!! wtf. i tell you it takes them less than 10 mins to help me wear it. But they keep refusing. I was so mad… a yukata shop that doesn’t help you to wear your yukata. seriously? i began to panic and left the shop without buying first. They suggested for me to search online for a store that provides service of wearing the yukata for me…. seriously wtf. like that is even a suggestion. i was in fking Kawasaki, my first time there. i walked around the mall and peeked into several salons, but they were hair salons, not dressing salons. I texted Alan and he said he will help me with the obi, but i will have to wear the yukata and koshi himo myself. Hence I bought the yukata and went into the handicapped toilet to try. i even youtubed “how to wear a yukata” :( i was really struggling until Alan reached and he told me it’s not so complicated! i heard his instructions and ta-da! i succeeded :D came out and he left me with the obi and within mins i was ready to go!!! still very mad at the shop - It’s Nadeshiko on the 4th floor of Lazona Kawasaki. Anyway my advice is never to be too last min, be sure you have your yukata and your friends are available to help.

Nevertheless, we had fun and Hiroki, Alan’s junior joined us. He couldn’t find a yukata he liked so he went without one… we rushed back to Asakusa for the fireworks but we couldn’t find a good spot eventually cos we were too late. Yuki says he is staying over for a night next week with his friends for the festival next Sat so hopefully we can see better ones!!
We left Asakusa for Shinbashi to meet Ivan but… it didn’t went very well because I am not the kind to go karaoke with 15 people whom I have never met before, and Hiroki wasn’t comfortable to pay 4000 for 3 hours, which we will only stay for an hour (catching last train is really a pain in the ass). So Alan was very nice, he accompanied us for dinner before he went to join Ivan =)

Although it wasn’t very smooth-sailing, my first hanabi taikai and yukata-wearing experience… it was fun and I am thankful and grateful to Alan and all the people who were nice, including the mall staff who explained the salons to me… everyone but the bloody Nadeshiko. I will remember forever ^_^ 

edit: btw 隅田川花火大会 is known to be not able to see the fireworks properly. Hahaha. Skip this next time…

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