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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Taiwan Summer 2015 #7

20150723 7-11 is hidden on level 2 of T2 Taoyuan airport. Prawn Mayo onigiri so good. Seaweed is wasabi flavoured. Beat Japanese’s onigiris hands down. Ironically. Anyway I was really quite unhappy with the airport customs because they threw my stuff around and I have fragile items. I’m not any rowdy tourist and I think I should be treated with respect. So mad!! My toys :( 

Went to the gate D6 and got confused as the screen wrote “gate changed to D9” but it was a general notice for another flight instead :/ finally boarded and some Japanese had to comment the plane is small and it might fall -_- and small planes are slower -_- such groundless comments.

And WTF THERE IS NO IN-FLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT WHY?!!!!!! There was, for TYO-TPE. I don’t get it WTF? I was so looking forward to it. I want to watch finish my KINGSMAN :( [edit: shock! Kingsman is not on screens in Japan yet!!! And my flight was delayed by an hour, and with my lousy directions I reached home at around 1230am :/) 

Good bye Taipei! See you soon!

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