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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Taiwan Summer 2015 #5

20150721 lovely lovely evening I had today. At first I had difficulty looking for this eatery so I gave up and tried the 北鴨 鴨肉羹 and oh boy was it delicious!!! A little expensive but it was so good. The weather was so humid and hot and I was really glad that the eatery had aircon.
after that made my way back to 碧潭風景區 碧潭水灣餐廳 to hear 鄭又軒 live :) the main reason why I am in 碧潭 in the first place. it has been more than a year since I’m back in Taiwan and I’m very lucky to be able to catch him live. Recorded every song like a stalker :)
Strolled to the riverside after the performance and saw people playing with flying toy - no idea what that is called. Lol but I joined in the fun and the boss was really nice - he taught everyone how to play it and he will fix your toy if it’s damaged, instead of selling u another. Competed with kids and I must emphasis again that I think that Taiwanese people are really one of the most friendly people in the world!! I had so much fun! And I ended up buying 4 more of the toy and got one free :D
The boss knocked off and insisted to bring me to supper - I know it’s mad but once again I hopped onto a stranger’s car :/ we went for 四神湯 and juice and he drove me around 萬華區 and back to Ximending. It was fun talking to him about everything about Taiwan and Singapore. Probablyyyyyy no ill intentions but I’m safe and sound. Might go back to play the toy tomorrow again. It’s so fun :D and I’m so grateful for today because I had lousy thoughts in the afternoon and was feeling super moody. As expected, when you are down, don’t be alone, don’t stay moody, get out and get fresh air, be happy and happy moments will happen too. Thank you, the people who made my day today :) May, Amy, Emily and Ceci who texted me today, love Ya all !!!

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