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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

APCC Mission Project Singapore 2009

Volunteer Guide and Interpreter for APCC Mission Singapore
What's APCC?

APCC Mission Singapore was hosted by Princess Elisabeth P.S and I was "roped" in to help...
It's something like Peaceboat.
What's Peaceboat?

Off to Chinatown..

At the Chinatown Heritage Centre..

Group Photo

Buying souvenirs

Richie Rich!

Buck teeth detected. Welcome to the bunny family.

Ishibashi Madoka.
University Student major in English

Joji. Sub-leader for this mission.
19 years old (I'm sorry for guessing 24!)
Works in Kyushu Broadcasting Station as camera assistant.
You say cool or not!!


Leader Tanaka Akane.

The Giri Giri Bus Guide
The principal gave me a shock of my life when she said I could use the mike.
So I... just did it.
I was really nervous...
Explained some Singapore stuff to them..

Struggling with my notes hahahaa

Some questions asked:
Q: What is the retirement age in Singapore?
A: 62
Q: What is the most popular occupation in Singapore?
A: Business? But I said we have polytechnics so the range is wide.
Q: At what age can you start drinking/smoking?
A: 18
Q: At what age are Singaporeans considered adults?
A: 21
Q: Can women practice polygamy too?
A: No
Q: Is there Valentine's Day and White Day in Singapore?
A: V-Day Yes, White Day No.
Q: What did you receive for Valentine's Day?
A: *no comments*

Great satisfaction :)

Back in School

With Joji

Gigantic Chess Set

Bringing them to Orchard

Farewell at PEPS

Speeches in English

Wrote a speech in Japanese for the principal.
Thought she was really brave to attempt a speech in a foreign language..

Singing Kiseki

Imitating original:

Little swans.
Ballet as CCA! high class primary school!

good orchestra + handsome conductor.
High class primary school!

Presenting their handmade gifts to Singapore
Principal Mrs Ngiam

Model Canteen Award.
Happy Toilet Gold Award.

But the toilets are really clean..

Chess sets also bigger than others.
High class primary school!

Woman that suspiciously look like man


Memories on T-shirt

Madoka, Maruko, Akane

Toddler of Host family leaving her handprint (she was the one who wanted to! sooo cute)

Toddler's mum signing off for her

Most of the people involved in this mission are volunteers.
Sometimes it's not all about money.....


Volunteer Blog:


Anonymous said...

Princess Elizabeth was my primary school ._.

I did remember there were already Japanese student exchanges there back in 1998-1999 while I was in P5-6

maruko said...

High class primary school.....

The principal (Mary Ngiam) and vice-principal (Mrs Ngui) are very nice people. Are they the same ones since 1998-1999?

Anonymous said...

Haha it wasn't what you could call high class back then. Shortly after I left they tore down quite a lot of the old building to reconstruct as what you see now. Principal back then was Mr Nair, though I forgot the VP.

Still could remember those exchange days; the teacher telling us that they had to get a caterer for the food since the year before the Japanese students tried the tuckshop food and it was too spicy, the choir having to sing out a Japanese song all holding lyric sheets, how we asked the exchange students rather silly questions (via an interpreter) why do Japanese people like baseball etc lol

maruko said...

My primary school was reconstructed too T.T
I miss the old building…

The joy of exchange programmes ^^
Sometimes they ask silly, but questions you have never thought of. I think it’s rather interesting..
This batch wanted to try durians! Brave people..

I think the school has improved in terms of hosting the Japanese. Didn’t really notice any big problems..