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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Tokyo 17-22 Sept 2016 Day 4

tsukiji XD To get some stuff for my mum.i woke up at 6,7am?? I couldn't remember. there was a lot of news coverage on the moving of tsukiji right before I came. they halted the moving for investigation on the toxics in the proposed new land. but actually most of the tourists visit the outer market which will not be moved. the famous sushi shops in the inner market will be moved though. 
note: tsukiji station exit 1 is the nearest 

my mum's favourite shop. I think they do really sell cheaper than ameyoko though.

I actually had some time before meeting Yuri, so I went back to the hotel first to put down the stuff before walking to OIOI to meet Yuri.

my very pretty online friend!!!! she brought me to this very beautiful place in Ueno park. 


Yuri is mother to twins, she's really cute :) and her twins are adorable !!!!!

I had to leave for work at about 1pm. 
I took my time to get there only to realise I got the wrong location. gah!!! luckily the walk was about 15 mins and I could get there in time. 

some pics on the way..

Meeting went well and we ended at 5:30pm? and we were met with typhoon. rain.

it was wet and cold. I really hated it!!

waited for call from my colleague A in the rain for about 20 mins? and I headed to Kinshicho. colleague S was stuck in Osaka since 1:30pm because of the typhoon and his flight was cancelled twice. he could only catch the flight at 6+. eventually he managed to meet us at the restaurant at 8pm. I gave him the wrong address oops.

met Nakamura san to brief him about JBL. he's a nice ojisan :) 

that spicy konnyaku is so chewy and nice. :) and cassis oolong! too sweet :(

I love izakaya food!! haha and eihire is my new favourite :)) the tamagoyaki was awesome too.. yummy 

took a cab back at around 9pm. S knows the route around Tokyo very well!! I'm impressed~ 

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