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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Tokyo 17-22 Sept 2016 Day 2

today is crab lunch with Akiko, Tomo chan and Hiroko!! Akiko works part time in this shop :) 

corn soup by Hiroko for breakfast. wtf it tastes so good?!! why??? 

traveling to Kita kogane station to meet Tomo Chan and Akiko

haha so funny the GPS indicates the location of all the convenience stores, as if they are landmarks 

it was almost an half an hour ride. it's impossible without a car, public transport is not so common too

soooooo good :)
basically almost every dish has a bit of crab. I love the steamed crab! 

crab steak was so good too.... yums. I wanna make this!!! 

the miso soup has crab too! very unique taste! 
this is Hiroko's order to Tomo chan.
looks like ACC RD but it actually is "All Red" and CRY means CRYstal. we laughed at it and wondered why she didn't want to write the full form. we asked if she was imitating Daigo Wish LOL


gift from Akiko :)

cute toilet signs! 

before we left... poor crab, we ate your friends :/

girls' outing yeah!! 

after that we went to Akiko's office for tea.. the green tea was delicious :O

falling asleep hahaha

tatami <3

climbed up to have some tea and snacks hahahah

I really thought it tasted like karaage!! but the rest of them didn't think so...

I need one rolled up tatami!!! 

we parted ways and I arrived at Harajuku like 1.5h later. I was at Chiba ... zzzz and I KO on the train haha 

it was so crowded on a Sunday. so many tourists and the Daiso was exploding. my favourite store was gone?!? sigh. takeshita street has nothing much really, I'll skip here next time. moved on to Rope Picnic in Shinjuku and realised the shopping area in lumiere is so awesome!!! shopped for almost 2hrs there. moved on to the uniqlo for a quick shop before meeting Hiroko for oden at Kita Ayase. I felt so apologetic making her wait. 

the oden stall is about 15-20 walk from the station. Hiroko was very nice to help me find this shoo because she knows I love oden!!! I love Hiroko!!! if I knew about this shop last year I would have been a regular... 

the bald head owner is super friendly!! i really like this kind of atmosphere.

people buy a bottle and leave it here to consume every time they come back. I really like this kind of concept. 

the night was rainy on the way back, but the heart is warm 😍

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