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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Tokyo 17-22 Sept 2016 Day 3

no sadako today! good hair day XD today I'm meeting Kimura san, shopping and calligraphy class!! :) I'm also moving over to the hotel today. 

corn soup again! I requested!!
so good! 

Kita Ayase station is undergoing construction to become the last station of chiyoda line. I cannot wait!!! Kita Ayase has been very inconvenient as you have to change the the "0番線". but it's going to take 3 years.. 

i love this hotel! except for its lift because there is only one lift serving the whole building. other than that the room is good, the aircon and light controls in the room were awesome too XD

This seat serves as a toilet.... and there are water and snacks inside too :O in case of emergency! 

Dormy Inn @ Ueno Okachimachi

the lights are controlled by this remote control! 

I must be crazy to eat this again. I ate it 4 times in a span of 1? 2 months? just to get the toys. now I'm back to get other toys again. but they are really cute though <3

I went to pass some souvenirs to Kawada sensei later and because my timing was not right he had a patient so I didn't speak long to him. went off to met Kimura San at Harajuku...

as usual she is so chatty and she came with her niece this time who is 36 years old. OMG I cannot tell at all!?!! 

later I had time to stroll around Harajuku and otomesando. I love this classy place !!!

fujifilm girls event. I love this shop! bought  2 disposable film cameras for use next time XD

walked down to Shibuya and just enjoying the stroll even if it was raining. more shopping at muji, loft etc etc haha XD I'm running out of money!!

moved on to the Shibuya post office to post some items to Uin and Trang, and postcards to Tama, Doan and myself XD (update: postcard arrived in record 4 days time!!). it's one of the few post offices opened today because it's public holiday (敬老の日). I have been to this post office last year too. the post people were really nice, as always. I bought my stamps and postcards and sat down to write my cards. 

I love the Japan Post postcards. they are cheap and pretty. usually they are of seasonal designs. previously I have bought summer designs. this time it's Cosmo flowers and autumn leaves designs. 

when I was about to paste my stamps, something embarrassing happened. 

see this? I dunno why I mistook this for the stamp sponge (we always see that stamp sponge in the Singapore post office) and I didn't quite register they had this red ink pad for "Hanko" ハンコ. so I Piak my stamp on it and resulted in a red bloody stamp. wtf have I done!! 


So Doan's postcard became a little bloody. to avoid smudging the ink on the glue stick (so they use glue stick instead?), I put the glue on the paper and piak the stamp on the card. phew~ 
I really laughed at myself at that time. there was a staff in front of me at that time I wondered if he saw it... >.< 

as I still had some time I decided to make a trip to itoya in ginza. haven't got a chance to go there the last time. it's a big stationery and lifestyle store 12 levels high in Ginza. it's awesome XD

cool stuff XD

couldn't resist taking picture of this sight. so beautiful!!! 

moved on to roppongi and had afuri before calligraphy class. I wasn't so hungry so I settled for the chasiu don. it's really good!! 

the classroom has new tables! i missed this place!! good to see Yamamoto sensei and Taniguchi San again.

Yamamoto sensei wrote this for a tv drama!! so li hai. 

wasn't my best but I tried :/ 
met Mae from Thailand who is so talented ????? and Charlie from Japan.

after class I met Yoyo briefly to look around the infamous manga cafe. actually nothing much really XD

Thanks everyone!!!!!

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