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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

birthday+day out

20 April 2009
Met my sister at Central.

Our favourite set in Waraku. Cos it can fill 2 stomachs;;

Potato salad - my love
Rice - Kiki's love
Udon - my love

That's why it's the perfect set.

Went to Takashimaya to shop for Joanne's present - wanted a handbag, but with our budget...
I was thinking it would be better to buy you a expensive and good bag rather than some random ones that are within our budget..... in the end we tried on dresses.

Next time when we work we will share and buy each other branded bags ok!
6 people(including Berd and Danny) will share the cost and buy one another bags. But the guys won't get anything, unless they want to carry it. HAHA

Kiki says I look like a cow.
WHATEVER. It's oversized.

Final choice!
But belt, tights, heels, camera and the sisters are not included!!
Only the dress :)

Sleeves - Checked
Colour: Black: Apparently slimmer - checked
Within budget but not too cheap (haha) - checked
Suitable to meet MPs, future boyfriends and husbands - checked


Happy Birthday!! (no presents! ahhhhhhhh)
In the midst of preparation for exams..

My parents went out the whole afternoon and came back with this cake!!!
Can you believe it?!! What were they thinking?
Yes it's cute but.. how old is my brother already....?!?!
The both of them were amused by their choice of cake... well well..
happy jiu hao...

Birthday Boy.
Exam 'Chui' Look.

Just when you think the cake is regular-sized..

No, your eyes are not playing a trick on you.
it's really kind of small!!

'Chui' House.
CNY Chun Lian still hanging on the wall, and pink octopus is gone.
otanjoobi omedetou desu*

I still think the CAKE is VERY SMALL!!
I don't fancy cakes but it's just a little traumatising that my parents are the ones who bought them. Haha.

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