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Friday, April 10, 2009

Home Alone

Well my sister and I aren't exactly home alone since Grandma and Miss Maid are around.
But Mum and Dad are on their 'honeymoon' holiday at Cameron Highlands (it's actually a gathering for my dad's primary school friends) so we are kind of left on our own..

Woke up late (for once!) today and decided to cook something for dinner..
Got the inspiration for Japanese curry... Yum♪

Off to the supa-!

Getting the vegetables - onions, carrots, potatos...
and meat..

Reminds me of a comment my friend made..
Why don't they sell individual potatos and onions T.T
I don't need that many.........................

But I like grocery shopping ^^;
The feeling of grabbing everything I like into the basket....;;

Been wanting to try Soyjoy.. lol.

Came back,
Researched on some stuff for Taiwan trip in June.. and played with my baby niece who dropped by with my cousins..

Cooking time!

The aprons!

Sisters in Crime.....

oblique cuts

Lightly saute the vegetables and meat.

Add water to full boil..
Add in the curry blocks ^^

Cook until it thickens

Around 2omins later...

Completed :)



Even I can make it, everyone can ^^
I think it tastes really good.. haha...
I love Japanese curry!

Watched The Terminal as our Friday Night movie..

Hope Okaasan and Otousan are having a great time!!!
They deserve the break....

House is in a mess....

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