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Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Obsessions

I'm sure everybody has an food obsession at some point of time - something that tastes so nice you just want to eat it again and again.
I remembered I used to eat the Hokkien Mee in JE Market every weekend and I got sooooo sick of it that Hokkien Mee isn't the thing I would eat if I had a choice..


Ok, so what are my obsessions recently?

Ito En O~oi Green Tea

6本買いました♪ 大好きなお~おい茶。
I bought a carton (6 bottles) at S$35.
Retails at S$7 plus for a 2L bottle.
There was an offer, I thought it was a deal since I'm gonna buy and drink it regularly anyway.
You can order at

Taste-wise, it's UNSWEETENED green tea.
It may be bitter for some of the people..
But I think it tastes great!

Tohato Caramel Corn Sweet Potato

This is really goooooood. Limited edition!
The one and only packet that my brother bought from Daiso was gone in minutes and despite searches in Japanese supermarkets and Daiso branches.. I couldn't find it anymore.
Apparently it is seasonal stuff.
ROAR. Will it be back???

Tohato Caramel Corn Roasted Almond
毎週2パックを買う♪ つまり3月に10個買いましたw
I buy around 2 packets every week, so I ate around 10 packets last month.HAHAH!Eh this is even better. I mean, they have different tastes but this is not so sweet. The original Red pack one is really sweet for me. The strawberry, the milk and butter ones was a torture for me. This is perfect :) Can be bought at Isetan Scotts Supa. Please, leave some for me!! I'm addicted!!

Many more flavours at
Flavours include Matcha Brown Sugar, Hotcake (yes Hotcake! Maple and Butter taste)

What are your obsessions?


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