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Thursday, April 30, 2009

by the riverside

Warning: Massive photo entry of Kiki and me ahead!
I was taking photos of her and she was taking photos of me.. lol;;

aunt's house>Daimaru

That's because Cousin Jiarui wants her Cinderella bag. haha.
DAIMARU was our hangout place some 10+ years ago!!
When we were all learning swimming at RV Swimming pool..
So I'm always ever ready to go there. lol;;

@Daimaru (now better known as Liang court)

with cousin Jiarui (refused to take pic with us...hrmp>>>>)

the guys were bored shopping(?)


left the rest for Robertson Quay...
sunny day (^^)v

--our obsessions with pretty umbrellas

@ Bon Gout, Japanese Manga Cafe
(trying to be) Song Hye Kyo

--Manga + Coffee Jelly ^^~

Kiki and her Rave comics

from comic books.. magazines^^;;


i was a librarian in river valley primary school (and doing gymnastic and skipping at the same time) and i hated shelving books!
on the other hand, being the counter person was a whole lot fun :)
scanning the barcode and stamping the date..

--reading magazines

Kiki Song

too chibi

LOL same pose!

left the cafe after 3 hours.. (LOL!)
lazy saturday afternoon^^

we were looking through childhood photos the previous night and we found this.. haha!!
Sailor Mercury, Sailormoon and Ultraman....

Version 2009

Sailormoon childhood pose!

<--Sailor Mercury pose!

luxurious-looking estate

--pretty sky

--trying to be funny

--kiki by Maruko

--maruko by Kiki


travelling to Far East Square for my favourite Korean restaurant..
Another weird passport photo;;

Dinner at restaurant 'bq korea' .
Affordable and authentic Korean food cooked by Korean chefs and Korean waitresses.
So gooooooood.... my second time there.
I love the little side dishes!!

Definitely going there again :)
(Joanne, there's a big poster of Rain in the restaurant. Haha!)

Rice lover.
While watching KBS channel (no subtitles......)

Photo shoots can be so tiring........^^''

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