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Thursday, July 2, 2009



Congratulations on the new opening of Kuroki san's store, Yushokutei!
The store had some renovations done..

pictures of the delicious, yummy yummy food available there:

Address in Japan:
鹿児島県 鹿児島市 山之口町 4-15-1F 山口ビル

Don't miss the Kyushu Fair from 16 Sept to 27 Sept 2009 at Isetan Scotts Basement, Isetan Supermarket! Chicken wings (guaranteed YUMMY, certified by Kiki and I - tastes similar to Hooters' buffalo wings but more tender, fresher, NICER [whenever i eat Hooters', somehow i get thirsty quick, and i drink more beer and i spend more and i sprout nonsense, it's a cycle, vicious cycle!!]) and other oishii fried items (my mum is a fan) will be available there!!

Of course, there are other finger-licking good stuff flown from Japan!
Shall introduce more when the date draws near!

Japanese cuisine lovers, don't miss this chance!!

(Be quick! - Kagoshima dialect - but it's not polite to say this, don't learn, haha)

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