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Thursday, July 9, 2009


17 June 2009
Longshan Temple→Zhong Xiao Fu Xing/Dun Hua→Gongguan→Huaxi Night Market

Breakfast at this famous 甜不辣 store
been wanting to try this every time we walk by...

frankly speaking, it tastes like yong tau foo..

and it tastes like cooked cabbage with Chee Cheong Fun sauce...
but this is very nice....

Mee Sua.. again! Haha!

my mum's favourites

went to pray... there are quite a number of deities for worship inside.

月老.... haha..

even 臭豆腐 knows they smell bad.

i really can't stand the smell of smelly tofu..
it smells like longgang...

at the higher level of SOGO. Japanese style display.

Bread Papa.

Home brand! :)

she has my eyes and my sister's hair.. haah

there have 3 SOGO department stores around the same area -_-"
One for European brands, one for Japanese brands........ blah blah
why does Singapore not have any SOGO then?

The 21st Summer Deaflympics, Taipei, 2009

they were looking for directions to brezze centre...while I stayed in the shade... haha

I bought MINA! yay :)

guess who is he imitating?

the weather so good :)

went back into the shopping mall..
(actually we were wasting time cos we were in queue for a restaurant...)

yx and I couldn't take it, we need to snack first.
the sushi roll was like a maki, but with lots of ingredients.
they should have this in singapore...

it's amazing how identical Singapore's is to Taiwan's.
the staff dresses and speaks similarly, it feels like we are in Singapore..
beancurd thingy.. chose this because it's not in the Singapore menu (i think...)

we love xiao long baos..
mum and i always go to DTF in S'pore and order lots of XLB. haha..
only XLB.

anyway they taste almost identical. no surprise..

WKW student.. haha

they actually show how many people there are in the shopping mall...

well.. i don't see how the number of people inside will affect me if I am there for a reason...

so cute haha!

Breeze Center was a disappointment.
It's like Paragon...

Looking for next stop..

Half Blood Prince = 混血王子

haha! sounds so funny...

the SOGO that sells Japanese brands.
We bought quite a lot of stuff here.. they have huge discounts so you get Japanese brands at low prices...

Tea Break
Black Sesame Tofu

Mango Tofu

I thought this was done by youngsters only. my mum so hip ah..

Gongguan - understated but happening place.
There is a lot of sports shop here..

one of the rare shots with my bro. it feels strange...

Now let me recommend you the best Mango Ice in Taiwan! (self-claimed haha)

Combination of milk, mango, strawberry and ice...

awesome :)
everyone exclaimed its goodness upon first tasting.

i swear it's worth every cent!!

no regrets travelling this far :)

不花錢學日文 - If I buy this book I'll be spending money alr what...

looking at some nice stuff while YX shopped for her notebook at the Eslite Book Store...

shopped for sports goods.... before it's time for dinner!
now, how can we go Taiwan and not try the Mala Steamboat?

they offer 4 different soup bases (there was vegetarian, collagen (LOL), mala ....),really good meat, and lots of different seafood and stuff...

buffet-style but u have to order the meat..


althought it is not exactly cheap (around S$20).. eating time is limited to 2 hours (more than enough in my opinion).. but it is open until 5am!

Shabu shabu...

Options of drinks range from Soft drinks (in those vintage glass bottles) to rose tea etc. etc...


YX and her obsessions with maggie mee

me and my obsession with corn

something i made, hahahaha....
they like to put a piece of plum thingy into their tomatoes...

they have delicious cakes also...


i decided to play with my fruits!
my mum was totally amused...

free flow of movenpick and haagen daz ice cream..

Again.. haha

We were looking for people to take picture for us, and we were identified as Singaporeans.... by a Singaporean! So this photo was taken by Mr Singaporean who wanted to show us his pink i/c.. lol

Mr Singaporean, if you see this PLEASE TAG!!
I will put all the keywords so you can find us ok..

Gongguan Gong Guan Steamboat Taiwan Mala Singaporeans 17th June 2009 17/09/09
公館 馬辣 麻辣 火鍋 台灣 台北 新加坡人 2009年6月17日
公馆 马辣 麻辣 火锅 台湾 台北 新加坡人 2009年6月17日


going back home..
very tired alr.... so not much photos from here on...

fruit stall which had a long queue.. we will try this next time, too full....

Huaxi Night Market

My mum bought the last pack LOL

teaching ah peks the patterns for lottery....

Hualien, here we come!!!

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