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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


16 June 2009
龍山寺→台北市政府→Mr J II→台北故事館→師大夜市
Long Shan Temple→Taipei City Hall→Mr J French-Italian II→Taipei Storyhouse→
Shihda Night Market

Breakfast: 永和豆漿

they use fine sugar for their soya instead of sugar syrup, so we didn't stir it and we were like, "so Taiwan's soya bean drink is unsweetened...". When we realised there was sugar, we were already halfway into the meal and it tasted too sweet T.T

the amount of sugar they put is scary @.@

crispy crispy

very meticulous....

took a walk about Taipei City Hall as it was too early to go anywhere..

comics for read at the 24-hr Vieshow cinema.
you can buy tickets from machines... who says Singapore is high-tech?
oh btw one movie costs around NT$2600=S$13..

Transformers, robots in disguise...

can you identify the characters?

that face... -_-"

1o1 is really visible from almost everywhere..

Eslite Bookstore! i like 8)
so many kinds of books..

over to Jay Chou's restaurant for lunch

we were kind of sent on a wild goose chase because
1) the numbers of the shops do not run accordingly
2) we did not know it was IN the University
3) we thought it was a totally different restaurant from yesterday (accordingly to Mr J fan)

In the end, we realised we have been circling the building which we should have entered...
and to my surprise it's Mr J French-Italian.......... II.

so much for anticipation...

looking on the bright side, the theme was a different one..

"Spaghetti with tomoto, sansage"

haha! sorry, did not want to point it out purposely, but it was just too funny...

why the girl looks so pale, so eerie..

i love the piano! vintage..

isn't it sad that pianos cannot be played, despite it being a piano?

the staff wears uniforms...

the toilet..

from second floor

yx replacing the eerie girl LOL

these wings are quite good...

pasta for 2 consecutive days can be quite unbearable :\

to Taipei Storyhouse

A rich tea merchant in the early 1900s constructed this English Tudor-style mansion. The Japanese claimed ownership during their colonization of Taiwan and used it to hold dissidents. The Taipei Fine Arts Museum (which is next door) purchased and refurbished it in the 1980s, and it now houses art exhibitions with a focus on children.

We had discounts from Youth Travel..
Remember to check out before you leave for Taiwan.
They offer some great deals..

i am a calligraphy fan!

everyone who can write great calligraphy are so cool, especially guys..
not stereotyping, it's true... not everyone can do calligraphy..
that's why I like to watch the HKG drama 金装四大才子 , haha....

it's a historical site, but exhibitions are often held inside..

there was this studio room with many petals, to let people have a feel of dancing among it
(i think they had a dance performance which required these petals...)

desperately trying to throw up the petals for yx. not easy ok!

She throw, I pose. HAHAHA
if only the petals didn't block my face, hrmp...


another attempt on our way out..

nice basin, hor?

pretty house, isn't it?

but it's quite far away from the MRT, and there is nothing much inside..
I think we were only inside for 10 mins or so?

181-1 Zhongshan N. Road, Section 3, Taipei, TaiwanPhone: 2587-5565
Tues-Sun 10am-6pm

so unless you reallllyyyyy want to take a picture with the house, get down to Zhongshan station and walk....
..just like what we did...

it has been slightly rainy....
rainbow! :)

and planes! :)

and rainbow! haha. haven't seen one for quite some time. why don't we see them often in Singapore?

Hui Ee Secondary School.

Ok not funny...

picked up my mum from Taipei Main Station..
sorry, we were late!!

To Shihda Night Market..

It's so far from Gu Ting Station, we almost died walking...
the map lied to us :\

mostly youngsters, students..
you can see the stuff they sell caters to the students' market..
there were lots of pretty t-shirts and accessories..

Gold Medal Mee Sua...

i love mee sua i love mee sua i love mee sua..

we were so full, only my mum tried, and she said it was good.
tasted like pan-fried xiaolongbao.

the queue is so long, you need to take a queue number.

It's something like kway chap, except they put in almost anything..
even instant noodles..

but it's oh-so-yummy :)

it's really interesting to see the vendors keep their goods and disappear within seconds when the police arrives. (i think it's illegal to sell stuff on the roads) it's even more amazing how they know the police is coming when I don't see any around. most of the time they run away they come back almost immediately so if you were looking at stuff, stay there for a while and they will be back. this cycle goes on for the whole night so it was quite a show for us..

some toys left on display when the vendors hide from the police.
Dawn of the Dinosaurs!

Ice Age makes everything cute.

lonely rabbits near the convenience store. with a pair of scissors somemore.

the night market is near 師範大學=師大
hence the name.

oooooo this crepes is very good.......
very very long queue too......

as long as they have those digital number queue thing, they must be attracting many customers..
that is my understanding.. haha

happy foodies :)

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