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Friday, July 10, 2009

stop sucking me!

photos courtesy of Amy

4 June 2009
we went to Qian Hu Fish Farm!

on the shuttle bus which took forever to arrive at CCK - can't complain, it's free

i wish i brought a pair too!
Bird is thinking of 童子尿。。(what? virgin boy's urine??)
haha when i typed the hanyu pinyin (tongzi niao)it gave me 同志鸟。。。(gay bird?? hahahaha)

we were there for the fish spa!
we want silky smooth legs!! can the fishes do it?

$10 for 30 mins, with Good Morning towel and market blue and white slippers provided.


Joanne almost jumped and hit the roof.. haha no la..

Bird and I are getting used to it...
Joanne is still ticklish..

joanne's expression....i like. haha

you feel it the most when they are at your soles..

no kick, we decided to try the bigger ones..

bird felt the bigger kick

so eerie, got leg no body
mosquito bites from Hualien :(
don't wear shorts to Hualien ok :(

buay tahan!!

the towels were actually for other uses...

so tired..... pay $10 to get tickled...

joanne decided the small kick was enough for her.

BWAHAHA we are stronger than Joanne!

massive fish attack

laugh some more.. mr peaky

joanne came to join in!!

see the bigger fishes? we got a total shock when we saw them..
didn't expect them to be so big... will eat my flesh rather than my dead skin

He was actually squirming here and there before he posed so handsomely for this shot.
ok passed, go be model..

joanne loves it......

Alistair was reassuring Joanne it's ok to let her legs be sucked. haha

"ok 1,2,3..."

one thinking, another escaping, the other smiling

success :)
but for about 5 seconds only...

the noble unofficial photographer for RB7.
i'll snap more of Amy from now on... she deserves more coverage.

Have you seen a sexy lady coming out of bath before?
Today I will present you the most natural pictures:

see the expression? so natural..
call 9678**** for more information!

caught dating...

after spa :)

i saw ur BRIGHT ORANGE boxers, bird!!

i really like the advertisement idea for the fish spa thingy. should have caught it down on video!

caught dating.

arowana. S$6888

arowana mixed breed. S$0.6888

sucker fish. price unknown.

sucker fish look-alike. price.. i dun wan to know.

evil-looking sucker fish.. creepy

one of the big arowana used to belong to Ah Fatt.

so cute. looks like that :3



back to CCK. Dinner at Sakae - super long queue.

Ice Age 3 was funny! I like :)

sometimes i try not to think that it's sad that we are not able to meet up so often because of different study, work commitments.. and i hate it so.. but i know it's no use complaining, we just have to enjoy every moment we have together..

thanks for the fun, everyone!
can't wait for our Bintan trip!!

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