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Sunday, June 28, 2009


12 June 2009
Taoyuan→(Taipei)C.K.S Memorial Hall→Jioufen Old Street→(Miaoli) Flying Cow Ranch

got up early in the morning to take the new Bullet train.
you call it 高鐵 in Taiwan.

At Taoyuan station

a 20-mins ride. just for experiencing the speed. haha.

interesting advertisement

nothing much, similar to Japan's bullet train..

Taipei Main Station - C.K.S Memorial Hall Station
National Theater and Concert Hall
國家戲劇院 and 國家音樂廳

National Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall.

Jioufen Old Street
BIG neon lights for condoms -_-"

from up above..


got Jolin and Jacky Wu's picture, how can we miss this store?

irony - 7 eleven in Jioufen Old Street.

At this point I was rather irritated by the fact that Taiwan has little rubbish bins available.
WHY!!! very inconvenient you know! in Japan we seldom buy food on streets so it's ok, but Taiwan has so many 小吃..

any guess how to read those 3 words?

dao4 xi3 shi4 - washroom



Fisherman's Wharf 漁人碼頭


Tanshui Old Street

changing-light signs for temples, so high tech

famous 阿婆鐵蛋

some resemblance, no?

not too bad...


next on to 飛牛牧場!
one of the highlights of the trip, love the scenery!

The Flying Cow Ranch!
Fresh air :)

our tour guide kept making jokes that couples in the group can practice squeezing milk in their room -_____-"

the cow's body is so smooth...

they do not have teeth so they pull instead of nibbling!
fierce >< and our little Ming Xing almost got pulled away cos he wasn't strong enough to hold on to the grasses... bad animals ><

lavender leaves has lavender smell!!

ok, not that amazing...
but it was new to me..

elder goat.
a bit scary...

what a cute sign ^^

Cute Little Ming Xing and his hanky!
he almost teared when his dad brought him near the cows..
and he likes to order the cows around..

fresh fresh milk, very yummy!!

huge room ^^

the view from our room..
breath-taking :)

pretty window ledge to sit on..

dinner! milk steamboat..
milk taste was mild...

the cows

evening activity!!

making butter out of cream..
shake the cream until it turns solid..
we took turns to shake the bottle (it was damn tiring can!) for around 10 mins before it turned into butter..

add some salt and sugar...

voila! delicious butter for freshly toasted bread!
awesomely delicious!!!

a walk around the ranch accommodation..

too dark to go anywhere, so we slept early...

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