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Monday, September 7, 2015

Nakagomi Orchard Day 1/7

20150907 Yamanashi 
stayed at Joyce’s place the night before to go to Shinjuku together to catch the Chuo highway bus to Yamanashi. I went to the Shinjuku bus terminal the day before to purchase the bus tickets! The bus terminal location is a bit confusing, it’s near Yodobashi camera.. (Luckily went there once before when we wanted to purchase tickets to Lake Kawaguchi)
We boarded the bus at 7:50am and off we go! to the countryside. 
We were welcomed by Kazu san at the Shirane IC (Inter) West interchange. There were 2 guys on the same bus as us, and to our surprise, they were heading to Kazu’s place with us too!!! They are Renma and Joji :)

We arrived at Nakagomi Orchard by Kazu san’s car, and for the first time I saw grapes hanging from their vines upclose :D YAY had a chat from Nikkei (meaning Japanese, but grown up in America, and do not speak Japanese) Japanese family while listening to Kazu explaining the fruits..

We moved on to the volunteer house and dropped our baggage. After briefing we helped to set up BBQ area for the customers… also played with the hammock, I thought I was about to fly out since they swung it so hard.. LOL then we ate lunch! the chicken drumstick was especially delicious…. (bone was given to Boss’s dog Tarou)..

Went to clean the “umbrellas” of the grapes (the white plastic sheets) while Renma and Joji fixed the wooden signboard by the road. Ate grapes, peaches, figs (looks a bit disgusting though but it tastes not bad!!) before returning to the house. 

Played soccer (Joji and me versus Renma and Joyce) and had dinner at Yoko-san house… Japanese are really homely people… The sun sets really early and so we had a early night since we were tired anyway… :) zzzzz I could get used to country life…

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