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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Nakagomi Orchard Day 3/7

Today our task was to remove the silver sheets from the grounds of the peach trees. 
Do you know why there are silver sheets? Because the sheets can reflect sunlight to the bottom of the fruits!!! Ingenious;)

Unfortunately the weather was not too good and it rained all the way. It wasn't too heavy so we continued the work. We still had fun anyway!

When the sky finally cleared it was such a clear blue sky and we were so grateful!!!! (it's typhoon alert in other parts of Japan, so Tokyo was very rainy, and rain in Tokyo means rain whole day).

Enjoying the sun!

We ate lunch and because we didn't have enough hot water for instant noodles after refilling the tea pot I playfully added green tea into Renma's noodles. Not like he noticed any difference! Haha!

We also tried dried persimmons (btw I haven't had dried persimmons like that before, sweet and nice!)

We hung our clothes to dry and by the time we finished lunch the clothes were almost dry! The weather was really really good!

Favourite shots :)

We went back to the peach grounds and continued our work. Kind of miss the rain because it's a little warm.. LOL

All the fruits in the world to eat :)

Took the lorry back to the volunteer house. Breezy ride with Renma and Joji shouting away. 最高の夏だ~!

The day ended with Onsen again. Not complaining! :P

Renma and Joji had to return to Tokyo this evening. I will miss them very very much ;'(

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