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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Nakagomi Orchard Day 2/7

20150908 rainy day !! We should have cycled to Yoko san’s house but it was raining so we had to set off early as the walk takes about 20 mins…
We did weeding today and boy, was it tiring …..

Lunch was curry rice, chicken karaage and potato coquette..

Tea break and story-telling time :)

Work and more work until we were rewarded with this crazy sumptuous dinner!!!!! Kimchi fried rice and Oden! *tears of joy*

The Nakagomi Family!

After dinner we played with the two princesses of the Nakagomi Orchard..

And finally to end the night, onsen hot spring! it's not a big one with many pools, just one, but it's said to be filled with minerals. And milk after onsen, is SHIAWASE :)

Went back and had some info session with Renma and Joji on Japan. Lovely people :)

We went for a late night cycle too!!
I am really bad with darkness and they made me cycle across this stretch of sakura trees T.T on the way back.. 

But it was fun :D

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