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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Golden Gai (Pony)

20150916 met up with Yeh and Hiroki for dinner. Had okonomiyaki at Shinjuku before heading to our main destination, Golden Gai!!!! wanted to come here but it’s difficult to come without a Japanese …
We went to a shop named Pony (after that we asked why Pony? And the owner mama san said because she didn’t have money to make a new signboard so she re-used the signboard left by the previous owner. When she wanted to change it people already was familiar with the name so she didn’t change it LOL.. And we thought there was a big reason behind it…)

It’s a pretty place and Hiroki’s dad is a regular so we drank on his tab :P his dad has a whisky bottle in the store so we drank from there haha. Spoke to some nice people and listened to many stories. Mama san showed us the old music player and it was lovely :)
Thanks Hiroki and also Yeh san for the night! Hiroki says he is coming to Singapore in March!

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