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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Lock-Up at Shinjuku

20150915 halfway through dinner, Renma called and we decided to meet for dinner (again?!!) at Shinjuku. I was so full but I was happy to meet Renma again. He is really different in Tokyo than in Yamanashi. The feeling is different, more grown up. Anyway he brought me to this crazy interesting place called The Lock Up, basically it’s a prison-themed restaurant.

At the entrance there is a red button and you press that to go in.. The policewoman will come and arrest you and bring you to your cell! Halfway through your dining experience, red sirens will sound and there will be some events where the staff do scary stuff.. I think it’s interesting to celebrate my birthday there but too bad I will not be there anymore :( the drinks menu is interesting also, eyeballs, mummy and stuff …

we video called Boss Kazu and it was very nice to see him again :) poor boss, still working at night… So many emails to clear… 
All in all a good meet up and I am very excited about our Kusatsu onsen road trip!!!

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