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Saturday, September 26, 2009

happy times

the following blog post is adapted from amy's entry! :D

Dinner at Hotel Rendezvous. May and Amy's treat :)
Danny finally joined us! yays

no more buffets; we don't maximise the cost... a bit wasted.
but the crabs very nice :)

may was complaining about the guy who took the last quarter of the durian cake, made us wait for so long......... then we took a quarter of the cake too.

the navy man

Up in 3D after dinner.
i don't like 3D movies, i watched half the movie without the specs :(
maybe cos i don't wear specs, not used to it.

Reunion!! =)
sorry for not dressing up...


next on! RB7 studio shoots!!
10 years and on..

helman joined us =)

i like daisies!

Some years later, Bird may regret his decision to partake in the above photo.

so cute^^

We had a stop outside Liang Court's 7-eleven for about 10 mins?

Hermionini. hahaha!!

can't get any better ;)

ok lah, it got even better:

On Friday night, RB met up with Mr Tan for dinner at La Nonna.

Hmm bird..

Oh so intimidating........

i don't want steak, i want my rosemary pork ribs

The awesome deal at NYDC is still available! Hurrah!

Think we had about 30+ beers?
i barely finished one. can't really take beer.

Sometimes in life you really feel like eating your ex band conductor.

haha did Brother! posed for this pic??

love danny :)

we split some beer...

mr tan and his DS.

We need more of this!!!!

Do the 'Joanne'!

i think jasmine looks really sexy here.

danny looks sexy too. HAHA

sexy angmoh.

why were we both shaking our fists??

A series of Bee shots below.


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