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Sunday, September 13, 2009

@ Rochester Park

went to Comex on Saturday, got a new laptop =)

dinner @ North Border, Rochester Park.

ATAS LEH. haha!
price was affordable, similar to La Nonna.
food was AWESOME!!
the smoked duck breast cream sauce spaghetti, i must say, the best cream based spaghetti i have ever ate. SO NICE :)

not too creamy, a little sweet..
i cannot forget the taste..haha!

this was good too: arizona and bean stew
a bit mexican spice tasting. LOVES

finally, the reason why we were there: the ass kickin' chicken wings!

*in picture: "Spontaneous Combustion" Spicy sauce.
As described on its website..

"If you like to kick it up a level - try our hot sauce (probably the hottest in Singapore and the whole world) - Spontaneous Combustion."

degree of spiciness:
1) Candyass Hot
2) Jackass Hot
3) Burn Yo Ass Hot

my brother came with his colleagues on friday night and they ordered the third degree one and were 'burnt' by it. apparently it was SO hot his indian friend couldn't tahan too.
yx and me just had to try it after listening to this tale.

but after that we decided that we didn't want to waste money, even the wait staff said that the maximum number of Burn Yo Ass Hot chicken wings one can take is only two. so it was jackass hot for us.

well, not too bad for me! will try the third degree one another day.
the wait staff told my brother there used to be an item called the "Suicide Pasta" on the menu. but it was taken away because it was just too hot ^^;

they have Chili Ice cream for dessert too.
only for those adventurous enough...

anyway definitely coming back again, the food VERY NICE!!

ambience 100%
service 100%
food 100%

Walked from Buona Vista MRT. not too far =)

“吃,没有省的”- my brother.
i like this thinking!
foodie family =]

P.S. Kiki! we had GREAT food without you =p
But you are enjoying Europe de air without us too ><

too much good food this week! next week on diet :D

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