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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Étude House Pink Party 2013

27 Aug - Étude House Pink Party

It's the annual Étude House Pink Party - the second time they are holding it in Singapore!

We were very lucky to have been invited by MBS to attend this event - the gold wristband allows priority queue and also all star stamps without completing the tasks on the "passport".

So I have more time to spend on exploring the cosmetics :)




As expected, there were many SHINee fans at the convention hall, whom some I saw started queuing from the afternoon at the red carpet area.

Tried their shimmery tear eyeliner and blusher - very nice and friendly makeup artist!

Oooo I love their Ping Pong water too. Collagen-filled goodness :)

Time for makeup demo and SHINee and Sulli's appearance!

Taemin ya~!

I wish there was more cosmetics aspects to the event? But that can't be helped because the kpop stars are the ambassadors and we do know many of the audience are here because of them... 

But I'm here for Étude House ^^
Highly recommend their Silky Scarf hair series!!

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