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Sunday, September 30, 2012

the almost-surreal Big Bang Experience

27 Sept 2012
the exclusive Samsung Galaxy Big Bang Experience!

I have to say, I was very lucky to have been part of this whole experience.
I got to attend the press conference for Big Bang who was in town for their concert, I got to talk to them and ask them a question, I got to get close-up to them...

what more can i wish for!!!
thanks to Samsung :)

it started off with a fan project for Big Bang. messages from the fans! this took us one whole night.......

and it was right next day i will meet Big Bang =)
the directors briefed me on what to wear, what to do.. but it was all up to me! i was really feeling anxious to meet them.....

the press conference was at 1 Altitude at Raffles Place.. i was there at about 4pm? 
to get ready and to film some footage for a video. #likearockstar LOL

chalked my hair for the day and borrowed a studded outfit from KC =)

one seat saved for me at the press conference!

you know what, i actually forgot to bring a camera. I think the excitement got into my head :\

some pictures of what i did before the press conference started: interviewed fans who were waiting for them at the entrance...



so fun! :D

 AND!!! *drum roll*

they are finally here!! upclose!!! too cool 8)

too nervous? why are my photos blurred haha!!

my ultimate task: ask a question to Big Bang

"If Big Bang were to film a drama or movie. what kind of characters would they play?"

or something like that..


all eyes on me :D 

and by the way, good answer, Taeyang :)

of course, the moment i went up to pass Big Bang the fan messages:


i was soooo nervous, my hands were perspiring and i couldn't react fast enough! it's Taeyang OMG.
he's so sweet <3 a="" come="" cool.="" dream="" fan="" p="" really="" rest="" s="" the="" true="" were="">

Photo credit:

merchandise signed by Big Bang for auction


in the goodie bag:

some other shots after the press conference..

with Stephanie Carrington!

Done in Nov 2012:

the final video if you are interested :D

Thank you Samsung, thank you Big Bang!

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