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Friday, March 22, 2013

Winter Wonderland 05.12.13 - Seoul [Day 10]

05 Dec 2013: Day 10: Seoul
Myeongdong, N Seoul Tower, Hongdae

Here at MD to do some last minute shopping - this is definitely a one-stop for beauty products!

Witnessed a very sweet proposal on the streets of MD. the guy got girls to hold on to the roses, to be given after he completes his proposal. Before that he was hiding behind a white mask like the Phantom. Koreans love events like that, don't they!

So sweet =)

Check out the video here:

We -walked- to the N Seoul Tower cable car station. Oh my, bad choice. On the map it seems near but the route is full of slopes.. I wouldn't advise... Should stick to the bus option we took the other time.

Climbing the tower proved to be a little problem for my folks.. Well it was chilly.. But we got there and had a good view of the city night scenery..

the many sights of N Seoul Tower



Some of the decor there..

After this my folks went back to the hostel while my sister and I went to Hongdae.. Hongdae isn't exactly the place to be with your folks isn't it?! Not in a bad way but I would think they prefer places less crowded..

We were there about 12am.. I know, late right? No one can stop us from our adventures, not even fear of taxi scams! Heh :D

Walking down the streets, it was a Saturday night.. Hongdae was still very busy with many people. Along the street I chanced upon these great musicians!! There are many performers in Hongdae but they left such a great impression on me, I was determined to find more of their music! They were doing so great even under the chilly weather, and they gathered quite a crowd at 12am don't you think?!
I didn't have money for their busking because we spent every single cent except for the money we have in our T-money and just money for airport limousine bus the next day :( i told myself the next time i'm here i will definitely reward these buskers for their efforts!!!

Don't ask me how I managed to do it, but when I came back to Singapore I did an intensive search on YouTube, Twitter.. Everywhere online. One day, I managed to find out about one of the musicians on YouTube!! And that led me to finding his Facebook and the details of my favourite performer Kim Dongho :) Now I'm even friends with them on Facebook :) definitely going back to listen to their busking on my next trip! 

We ended the night at the Holly's cafe. The prices of the drinks here are a little more expensive than the other cafes (no cash!! Used credit card T.T).. But it was a good place to rest and keep warm =) 

Thank you Korea! I had fun =)

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