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Friday, October 16, 2015

Kagurazaka with Kimura san!

lunch with Kimura san! last time before I leave Japan ;'( Kagurazaka is a nice neighbourhood with many traditional Japanese restaurants, and we had our lunch in one of them. The food's awesome! I had two bowls of rice :\

Apparently this Bishamon shrine at Kagurazaka is very popular among Arashi fans because Ninomiya filmed a drama here. But it’s so kuazhang, the wishes people make here is to get a good seat for Arashi’s concerts..!!! And wishes for the members and album sales. I cannot fathom.. (Although I was an Aiba fan once) but indeed this has brought crowd and tourists to Kagurazaka, which is a good thing for the shops isn’t it…
btw Kimura san is also an Arashi fan… *faints*
Of course my wish has nothing to do with Arashi.. :)

After that we took a walk and rested our legs at a cafe and chatted. I miss Kimura san so much ;(

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