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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Murayama JPN in Singapore

Murayama Japan's Arakawa san, Yanagawa san and Miyoshi san was here on a 2 day business trip. They were really friendly people despite being the "top management" of the company.

I had to prepare lots of materials before they arrive but everything went well - we went for like almost 10 site recees within the 2 days and it was really tiring for Miyoshi san and me. But he was such a nice guy!! 

Free ride on the Singapore Flyer as part of the recee :P

We had dinner at Mellben's and I think Japanese people are too polite to eat crabs :p

I name this drink Yasashisa 

Miyoshi san's treat :) he stays in sumidagawa-ku and I shall visit him for a boat ride next time I'm in Tokyo (he has a boat license) bwahaha 

Skal = kanpai!! = cheers!!

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