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Thursday, August 21, 2008

ニッポン 1 - TOKYO

01Sept08 Mon
Singapore Changi Airport→Tokyo Narita Airport


Day 1 - Free and Easy
Accomodation - Narita Garden Hotel
Highlights: JAL Executive Class Experience

Executive Class Seats! ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ わーい

Many thanks to Nishiyama san and Tay-san from JAL!! Knowing I was going to Japan (after that miraculous meeting at Hong Thai Travel and promising me something special), Nishiyamasan upgraded me to Executive Class! Lucky me (o^∇^o)ノ

Mummy was super jealous..

In anticipation.. maybe the first and last time!


Those behind are air crews..

View from plane


Spacious.. can stretch my legs straight..


Spacious!! with cute slip-ons!


The rotatable TV


Dining Experience starts..
Champagne for two seemingly underage kids...
What was the air stewardess thinking? LOL

Watching Cyborg She, scientific romance film?
Not too bad. Pretty and cute leads - Haruka Ayase and Keisuke Koide

Appetizer+JAL Skytime Yuzu


おいしかったわ o(*^▽^*)o~♪

too much, bread touched the tv screen already..

Items just came pouring in.. again and again..

I think this was the moisture mask?

Keisuke Koide says: "Can I have one Japanese set please?"

There are choice of Western or Japanese sets.



Funny comedian in Japan. Picture dedicated to Rico. Haha..

Executive Class toilet

Shiseido Facial products

Overall I will say that Executive Class has very attentive service, good food and lots of freedom!


Priority tag for our baggage.. new pink and grey luggage for this trip

Narita Garden Hotel

Ramen shop. There was a choice to take taxi out to the city for dinner, or nearby. We chose the cheaper alternative. After that one of the tour people told us the city was very fun, sales many many. oh well.


日本の総理 福田 やめた!

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