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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

ニッポン 6 - OSAKA(USJ)

06Sept08 Sat
Day 6 - Universal Studios Japan (USJ)

Accommodation: Keihan Universal City
Highlights: Hollywood Dream Jet Coaster!

Walking to USJ


the thing about this globe is that it is revolving and we always need to wait for it to face us before we can take the picture..

Very popular ride. We took it immediately so we did not have to queue.
It's a 3-D simulation ride.

Spiderman wannabes!

You have to queue to take pictures with them...

Settings for new Peter Pan show

Back to the Future Ride

Queuing.. the worst thing..

Photographers are overly enthusiastic. They scare me.

Jaws Ride

Queuing AGAIN. This queue was really long. Ride was ok only.

Going for Waterworld show

Very good show. It would be great if you know Japanese.

Left Dennis and Bryan to take the Roller Coaster.

Hollywood Dream ride model!

Super super exciting!!
i love the adrenaline rush...
we took the ride twice, wanted to take a third time but my sister couldn't take it anymore :(

officially addicted to roller coasters!


Mac for lunch.
Ebi Fillet was VERY GOOD!

Small Drink in Japan is XS size.
Ordering Medium means getting the Small size you get in Singapore.
Be careful when you order!

Kiki says the fries box in Singapore can't stand. Is it true?

You need to pay 15ooyen to take picture with them :(
I didn't want to pay...


Wizard of Oz

Dennis tried this but didn't win

was early for parade so we decided to watch this
Backdraft show. Boringgg.
wrong choice.

Waste of time....

i love theme park parades =D




I am strong, hear me roar


ちょっと「かわいい」を言い過ぎね ^^

I don't like chocolate but this is fun!

went back to USJ after dinner to show the Peter Pan show

Peter Pan show...
too small to be seen but lightings were magnificent

Kiki was terrified

told you that wasn't the end

too cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
Gave it to Yuri as souvenir when I was at Yokohama.
Sld have bought it for myself :(

nothing like Singapore's. Yum!

Kinki Kids on TV! woo! Koichi!!

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