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Friday, June 18, 2010

Live responsibly, live sustain-ably!

REAP - Responsible Energy Advocate Program

I am a Responsible Energy Advocate! :)

Attended these 4-days workshop on energy conservation sponsored by Power Seraya --
though not directly related to my course of study, it was very enriching!!
we have to come up with a project proposal + do an energy audit for 3 families at the end of this whole program...

i'm loving how all these are turning out to be.. i learnt so much AWESOME stuff..
workshop by Mr Robert Steele, talk by CEO of Power Seraya (so inspirational.....), visit to Power Plant on Jurong Island - the technicians who showed us around were so interesting and knowledgeable! i really enjoyed my trip there... and i made good friends! Cecily, 'Lychee' Li Yhee and Pui Yee :) i'm known as the impatient one :D

who says business student can't do green! ;)

ohhh ohh.. i got into marketing! alrightsssss ;P

left the workshop today for a brief 2 hrs to attend an interview at DENSO for an overseas exchange program.. it was WOW~ panel of five (one from Japan, one from Thailand, three from SG) versus 3 participants! there were doctorate students, graduating students.. and i'm just a puny year biz student hehe ;p they asked quite a few questions, and we finally had a discussion question.. the 3 of us worked tgt and i think we did really well!! :)) got to know Garen from NTU who is an awesome fellow.. and Sean who has this really cuteee pencil case made from a tape holder... RECYCLE :D
i'm keeping my fingers crossed for this program!! XD

ohh why does it clash with ABCC ambassador programmm........oh wellssss

people, remember... we need to do our part for the environment! start with simple things like turning your air cons up by one degree... IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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