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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

count your blessings;

went down to a primary school in the East to help out with a Mathematics study interview.
there were 2 groups of students from 2 schools situated next to each other.

i was in charge of student profiling today, and was tasked to ask them about parents' occupations etc. i realised a lot of their families are not very well-to-do, despite the increasing impression that Singaporeans are better-off now as compared to our parents' era.

one student i asked had a family of 7,8 people but she lives in a one-room HDB flat.
another had her father coming out of jail only recently and her mum is still serving her sentence.
one reluctant student revealed after much probing that BOTH the parents are in jail.
some don't even know where their fathers and mothers are.

"never seen her before";
"no father";

was what they said.

another girl was quoted saying:

"I HATE my mother"

my heart was so heavy when i heard all these.

it made me rethink my many materialist wants and made me appreciate more that i have a complete and happy family.

i could feel their awkwardness, especially when their answers were "no father" or "no mother".
however they are really cheerful kids, despite their family backgrounds.

seriously, what more could i ask for?

i wish for them to grow strong, and happy lives.

count your blessings, people ;)

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