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Monday, May 3, 2010


23 June 2009

some pictures before we leave for Taipei again...

awesome breakfast!!
look at yx hahaha

Kaohsiung was good! if only the weather was better...


Bian Dang!

we forgot to alight at Taipei.

yes we FORGOT!

Kaohsiung to Taipei was a loonngg 5 hours ride, we didn't want to take the bullet train because it was a bit more expensive (actually come to think of it it's just 25 bucks more for half the time...)

so i think we were drowsy after such a long sleep... and also because they announce Taipei as the next stop just before the train reach the current station... (opposing to Singapore which announces the current stop, so we took it as the NEXT stop after that was Taipei) so it was like,

Announcer: "下一站:台北"..
Us: Oh.. next stop.. let's get ready..

so we were getting ready and i stood up to straighten my clothes and stuff and glanced out of the window...

(sign reads Taipei) "Oh Taipei.. hmm so there's a little Taipei in the stop before.. or do they show the name of the stop before you reach? that's good...."

"no,wait.. Taipei? ...Taipei!"
(looked at the digital signboard: Next stop - Songshan)

by this time the train was picking up its speed already....

We then panicked and the impact was in our face: we missed the stop -__-"
now, what can be the best situation and worst situation:

Best: Alight at next stop (mins away)and take another train back
Worst: Alight at next stop (HOURS away)and take another train back

we took our train schedules and checked. it's amazing how people work under pressure..
efficient.. haha

and so we realised Songshan was 7 mins away from Taipei (THANK GOD!!! what if it was 2 hours? we could have wasted 4 hours in total then)

upon reaching Songshan we rushed out to find the platform back to Taipei.. and we were in time for the next train.. phew :)

The afternoon was scheduled to get souvenirs for family and friends in Singapore - imagine! an afternoon just to get the souvenirs.. and there were not enough to spare despite buying so much..... (we bought about 10 boxes of pineapple tarts, 6,7 packets of muah chee, 2 big packets of nougats, 3 and more boxes of Tai Yang Bing.... like New Year like that...)

We split ways today so we could achieve more...

brought my mum to Hou Che Zhan to get some clothes and stuff...

The exit Y13 I was talking about in an earlier post..

my mum and her prized pineapple tarts.. travelled here JUST for the tarts...
But I must say there is a reason why they were awarded for the tarts..
值得排!!! awesome stuff

Met Bro and YX at Ximending.
We were like."Once you arrive at XMD,switch on your walkie so we will know each other's locations". Yes,we brought walkie talkies to Taiwan and I'm sure we saved a lot on phone bills..

we shopped around till evening when we proceed to Shihlin, our favourite night market.

the famous mee sua in front of the temple..

(yes i really like mee sua and i requested mee sua and bubble red tea on the last night...)

more shopping... i spent my remaining NT$$ here..
sad to say i was ZERO NT$$ by the time i got back to singapore..
so did most of us T.T
(we brought S$800, S$1000[including hotels] so you can see the damage done)

the shopping and food killed us....
but we enjoyed them... hahaha

Chicken not Little

random video we took - it was funny for all of us...
and my mum was acting la, she wasn't angry..

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