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Monday, May 3, 2010


20 June 2009
Hualien→(Taipei) XimenDing

Morning before we leave for Taipei..

Taiko drums!

Relaxing man...

Owner's daughter, Winnie

Off for a cycling trip!!
being the noob i am.. the kids bike again

Video taken while cycling

even the dog is more zai

the 铁马 gang!!

we can take merry go round as many times as we like. FREE! because, owner's daughter is our friend.... HAHA

i wish i own a castle..

brinjal-looking dessert. shop owned by owner's relatives. LOL


Our hotel was situated in Ximending - nothing fancy, but cheap and has good location.

today's agenda is to shop, so not much pictures..

You can see filming almost anywhere, I think it's kinda cool to see such stuff, we don't get to actually see the workings in Singapore..
I don't know who they were, and what programme..
but there were many onlookers..

Ramen because we couldn't decide what to eat.....

what a fake smile, haha

in action..... hahaha

warm bubble tea is so cool...

fried sweet potato balls.. our childhood snack.
the vendor was quick to sell - the police may come any time.

Xie xie You Yu Geng...

...and Ni hao You Yu Geng on the same street -_-"

團團and圓圓 are the pandas from China.

They like to give out pandas to foster good relations, don't they?
poor pandas..

Limited number of people can see the pandas each day (restricted to 10 mins).
If you take the train, on the occasion where the tickets for the panda enclosure is sold out for the day, they will notify you before you reach so if you are going there just for the pandas you can have a change of plans..

our tour guides said Taiwan "traded" pandas with their Taiwanese Mei Hua Lu (Plum Blossom Deer??). Trading treasures for good relations...

Another filming while we were having a snack. Some Singaporeans got interviewed.. can hear them and see from their fashion style. Well, I was game for it but my companions all shunned into the sports shop nearby.

anyway this meesua is really quite nice...

amazing retired professor who draws for charity...
can u believe it? we stood there and watch him paint and listen to his ratters for an hour....
he does those Shan Shui Hua (Mountain Water haha) on the spot so it's kind of new..
his paintings are amazing and he draws out of nothing.. if you have time you should check him out at Ximending...

"I am their doctor, if there is anything wrong you can bring them to me...."

Street Performer. She's really good.. To bring all these equipment here, must be quite established...

Dinner. It was rather bad..and it was in one of the You Yu Geng shop.

Almost about to go home, this guy stopped us.

Guy: 我是吳宗憲 (I am Jacky Wu)
Us: .....HA??? (he looked nothing like the Local King)
Us... Okayyy... (it wasn't even funny...)

In the end he was giving out vouchers for a dessert shop nearby..
he made some jokes about the shop name(三兄弟and三兄妹.. not funny AT ALL.. how can they actually say such things and think that they are funny???)

but we went... cos I wanted to eat Tau Huey...
but we ate Ice in the end... (free pearls, courtesy of the voucher..)

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