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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Seoul 31Jul-4Aug 2012 (2)

Lunch at this absolutely lovely restaurant in Gangnam after meeting at Mast Media - 
I need to find out the name of the place!

i'm so going back this place again :)

Took a taxi to Myungbo Hall - long ride! Seoul's peak hour traffic can kill :\

Action Drawing Hero at Myungbo Hall near Myeongdong - met the director and Kelvin from Red Spade

very amazing show! the heroes:

After the show, went for a little shopping at my fav hangout - Gangnam Underground Shopping mall :)

Come to think of it, I was quite daring (and maybe a little dumb?) to have boarded a "car-taxi" - operated by a driver who is obviously not a licensed taxi driver. He wasn't even driving a taxi - just his car. He quoted me a price and I just got on... :\ I shouldn't try this next time. Lucky I got there safe and sound :p

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