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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Winter Wonderland 27.12.12 - Jeju [Day 1]

Winter in Korea

Can't get enough of Korea.. I have gotten the whole family to travel to Korea during winter :D it will be my first winter trip to another country, and I was really thrilled!

So how was my trip?
First and foremost I need to say that winter is one of the best times to visit Korea! The snow, the scenery (Nami Island is so beautiful during winter!! Totally feeling Winter Sonata when I was there).. not to mention you can people-watch for Korean winter fashion :P

SO, Korea during winter is a must-read :D


27 Dec 12: Day 1 - Jeju Island
Teddy Bear Museum, Jungmun Beach, Lotte Hotel, "Black Pork Street"

Day 1 –

Arrived in the morning and missed our flight to Jeju due to flight delay :(
Can’t be helped since I planned a really tight transit and I didn’t expect Asiana would have a flight delay… paid a small sum to Jeju Air to book ourselves on the next flight.

Meal on board. Bibimbap!


Took the airport shuttle bus to Gimpo Airport to catch the domestic flight (7,000won). 
Sight of snow! :D


Lunch at Lotteria 



Airport fashion??? HAHAHA


We proceeded to the airport counter to retrieve our rental car booking. Took a shuttle bus to collect our car, and off we go! The last time we went Jeju we took the bus (SEE HERE), and I can say car is a much better transport method. It’s not too expensive but it’s much more efficient, most importantly, you travel at your own pace. My sister had a little issue with driving left-side, almost got into an accident but all was well when she got used to it…

Just enter the telephone number of the destination and off we go!

Jeju, as always, giving off a relaxed atmosphere :) this is my second time to Jeju. You just can’t get enough of Jeju, can you? Jeju was a little warmer than when we were at the Incheon airport. Clear sky, beautiful weather!

We arrived at hostel but the room wasn't ready yet, so we deposited our stuff and first stop! Teddy bear museum (family friendly location)!

In the museum there are so many adorable bears! In Jeju you find the more “international” characters such as .. ….  There was even the Psy Gangnam style bear! Let the photos do the talking…

i love these huskies!! :D 




at the Teddy store hehe

the outdoor area

There is also another bear museum in Seoul, but the bears displayed there are more “Korean”. Check out my previous post: ( ---)

the cool Starbucks just opposite Teddy Bear museum

Next stop: Jungmun Beach!

it's quite near to the Teddy Bear museum so you can just drop by to take a look.

We hopped over to the Lotte Hotel to look at the windmills but alas, they are under renovation =(
anyway it has began to get chilly as the sky turned dark.. my first experience of the winter cold!

We drove back to the hostel and went to the “Black Pork Street”. Had one of the best meals right here =)

Cold noodles!

and here's a picture of us in front of our hostel. the location is pretty convenient!

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