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Friday, December 21, 2012

New Zealand - May 2012: Day 8

 Day 8: Skydiving day!

Took the shuttle bus from the skydiving store in the city.
nervous but at the same time very excited about skydiving :D

waiting for our turn at Nzone

Joanne was really afraid of skydiving but after much persuasion from Amy and me, she did it!! and she enjoyed it so much we didn't remember how much she was against it :)

 in suits :D 

I really enjoyed the skydiving experience :) it's like cruising in the air looking at the snow mountains and sky, not at all a "free fall", although the moment they pulled the parachute it was a little scary.. The sudden drop. 
It is really an achievement of my life :)

They actually have a photographer who has a camera attached to him, and he will jump off the helicopter before the tandem jumper and I, that's how they get shots of you skydiving.

my tandem jumper, Scott and I

that's me :D

i loveee the skyline!!!


we had the best fish and chips by the road side after our adventure : )

so goooooooooooood!!

off to wine-tasting in the city! we bought a card with credit NZD30 so we can sample the wine at a few dollars each..

comfy sofa and cushions for the......drunk.....??

dinner was very simple - baked veg. so easy yet so delicious :)


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